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Loss of cookies and adblockers are well known limitations. Now we are at a point where the change in default browser privacy protection settings and legislation prevents trackers from working at full potential.

That's why we introduce server-side tagging mHub Cloud.

You are already losing more than 40 % of your data. It's time for a new tracking approach.

By implementing consent management platform, your business loses about 30 % of the data measured into marketing platforms. And this is only the beginning of the whole apocalypse. Even those users who consented with data processing might continue using adblockers.

At the end of the day you can work with 50 - 60 % of data. You lose more than 40 % , and your targeting and campaign performance evaluations remain uncertain.

Facts about current tracking and cookies

  • Firefox has been blocking all social network trackers since 2019.
  • Edge blocks most trackers by default.
  • Safari has been blocking all 3rd party measurements since 2020.
  • In the Czech Republic, we have about 30% of users talking about blocking measurements.
  • Globally, the trend to block measurements is around 45%.
  • Firefox has been blocking 3rd party cookies by default since 2019.
  • Chrome plans to start blocking 3rd party cookies in 2023.
  • By implementing consent management platform, your business has lost about 30% of the data measured for marketing platforms.
  • 41% of marketers believe that their biggest enemy is the inability to track the right data.
  • 44% of marketers predict that a 5-25% increase in spending will be needed to achieve the same goals as in 2021.
  • With the current measurement method, you risk losing 30% of your marketing-assignable revenue.
  • By switching to server metering, you can eliminate up to 70% of the delays you currently face from metering to platforms.
  • Website conversion rates decrease by an average of 4.42% with each additional second of load time.

Download the whitepaper and find out more

Server side tagging solves all the problems listed above. Download this whitepaper and find out how backend processing works and what are the benefits of implementing the mHub Cloud.

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