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With mHub Cloud you get back marketing data and 100% control over it.

Move from browsers to the server
and avoid blocking of tracking

Our mHub Cloud solution is technically a streaming data service located under a subdomain of your site on the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure. As a result, it cannot be blocked by various adblockers or restricted by browsers. Data processing in mHub Cloud takes place in real time. Its purpose is to receive a huge number of events about user behavior, enrich them, filter and distribute to other systems.

You can send data to mHub Cloud from various sources. They are most often sent directly from the web, but the key advantage is in combination with other resources such as CRM systems and other backend resources. Communication takes place using the classic HTTP protocol. mHub Cloud has built-in functionality for automatic detection of marketing parameters. It is therefore only necessary to ensure the sending of key events. The mHub Cloud can also be deployed on the website using any tag management system (eg Google Tag Manager).

We support all major marketing platforms.

mHub Cloud is already connected to Facebook, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Piano Analytics and other platforms to which you routinely send data from both the web and imports. We are gradually adding other platforms that support server-side tracking. However, be aware that any internal system, such as DWH or Recommendation Engine, can be connected to the mHub Cloud output.

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mHub Cloud is a certified Microsoft Azure application

mHub Cloud is integrated in the Microsoft Azure cloud environment as a standalone application. Each client is created an individual instance of mHubCloud in its own Azure account. Payment for the mHub Cloud license is made through the Azure infrastructure.

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Speed up the web, increase conversions. Eliminate up to 70 % of delays when loading marketing scripts on the web.

Individual scripts slow down the browser when the page loads. Web loading speed has a huge impact on your business. The first 5 seconds of page load determine the conversion the most.

Thanks to the server-side solution, you only have one tracker on the web, which sends data to the server and only on the server the data is mapped and sent to individual platforms. By switching to server metering, you can eliminate up to 70 % of delays in loading marketing scripts.

Finally, connect online and offline.
Measure actual conversions, not just leads on the web.

Some sales processes are hybrid and take place in part in both the online and offline worlds. Some orders are handled by clients by phone, others in person at the branch.

For these business cases, mHub Cloud has great value in measuring the so-called actual conversion that takes place outside the online world. It sends the final activity to the marketing platforms, which generates turnover for your company. Measuring mere soft conversions will be a thing of the past with the mHub Cloud.

Optimize profit, not turnover. Increase the efficiency of the bidding algorithm.


mHub Cloud can make the most of the platforms that have real-time bidding (such as Google Ads). By default, when measuring from the site, a turnover is sent as a value. The most turnover product, but it may not be the most profitable at all.

The solution is to give the algorithm a profit instead of a turnover. But sending this information via the web would mean making it available to the public. This is not in the interest of any business. mHub Cloud sends data to a secure server.

Benefits of mHub Cloud for your business at a glance

  • additional increase in measurement, because more than 30% of data is now blocked by browsers or their extensions
  • linking online marketing and offline shopping
  • increase in web conversion ratio
  • increases the efficiency of bidding algorithms by enriching the data sent to marketing platforms
  • 100% control over data flow
  • a secure solution for data controllers
  • GDPR compliant
  • mHub Cloud cannot be technically blocked,
  • speed's up web loading by up to 10%
  • deploying mHub Cloud is very simple, we can help you with the configuration

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